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weather. 80 westbound the traffic is moving along well let's go back to the desk. we begin with a shocking crime in vallejo. a teenage boy is behind bars on suspicion of kidnapping a 65- year-old woman and holding her for ransom. >> reporter: details are still coming in. police officers describing this crime as horrific. a 14-year-old boy facing multiple charges that include assault, attempted murder, carjacking, kidnapping. let me show you where we are right now. this is hidden brook parkway. this is where the victim was found. a 65-year-old woman duct taped, unconscious, and left in a ditch in this area. here's what we have learned. police say that she had been kidnapped from gunpoint in front of a retail store on plaza drive which is just a few short miles away from here. they said that this woman was coming out of a store when she
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was approached, taken at gunpoint into her mini van and taken to this area where she was the victim of quote an agree juice physical and sexual assault. she was left in this area in the meantime the suspect apparently called a family member and asked for ransom. if you look around this area you can see it goes into a subdivision. we are off interstate 80. unfortunately people saw this victim in this area and were able to call for help. vallejo police making quick work of this. they were able to track down the suspect who is 14 years old. again just a teenager. he is is in custody this morning and detectives are still working this case. this all happened just hours ago. they got the first call at 6:00 at night. they have been working through the night. the victim is in stable condition in the hospital. but again they are calling this a horrific crime. live here in vallejo claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. we are following other breaking news that effects
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thousands of jobs. the maker of twinkies has announced they are going out of business. hostess said this morning it is winding down operations and has filed a motion with the u.s. bankruptcy court. yesterday the company announced it would shut down its plans nation-wide if striking union workers did not return to their jobs. as of late last night workers remained on the picket lines and refused to head back to work. the company employs 18,000 people. oakland police say good fortune and observant officer may have helped them put a dent in gang violence. last night they arrested ronny at the ruth's chris steak house in san francisco. an off duty oakland officer saw him and his entourage entering the restaurant. police worked up a tactical plan and arrested him without incident as hi left the restaurant. >> we have put forth a lot of efforts with the department of justice, las vegas metro police department. tracking him in several locations.
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>> he faces potential charges including home, robberies, weapons violations and shootings. police believe his wife was shot eight times while picking up her child at a day care. an hour before last nights arrest, oakland police raided his home in las vegas hoping to catch him there. a bay area mother is distraught after burglars stole an urn containing her baby's ashes. >> i feel raped. that you raped me of my privacy. of my home and you stole from me. >> now she is pleading for the urn's safe return. there is a picture. you can hear her full story coming up at 4:44. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will not give up oversight of his department's domestic violence programs. that is according to the chronicle which obtained a letter which ross mirkarimi sent to mayor ed lee. in the letter he says he will allow his under sheriff to handle disciplinary action involving staff accused of
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domestic violence. but he says he will not give up control over the sheriff's program as requested by mayor lee and george gascon. mirkarimi is on probation. time now 4:33. rain is on the way and crews in daly city are working to shore up that hillside that turned one neighborhood into a mountain of mud. ktvu tara moriarty is out there again this morning. how does it look tara? >> reporter: well, the goal here is to make sure the rain doesn't make the situation worse. you know the city originally said that broke in that ruptured water main unleashed 45,000 gallons of water. now it's looking more like 97,000. certainly a believable amount. now crews have set up bails of hay and laid netting on top of a thick layer. the disaster left dozens of cars trapped in the mud and buried in the street. right now the concern is the
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storm drains that they don't get backed up. >> the idea is do what we can to relay the concerns of the residents not to have anymore mud flow impacts. address the concerns they have with these rains coming. >> reporter: today the street is clear but hillside park is still buried in four feet of mud. the goal is to keep more mud from slipping and rebuilding the hill which is obviously a much more long-term project. live from daly city i'm tara moriarty. happening right now former cia director david petraeus is scheduled to testify before house and senate committees about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. now we are listening and watching in washington, d.c. waiting for their arrival. photographers are staked out there. so far petraeus has not arrived yet. his appearance comes a week after he resigned from director of the cia.
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lawmakers say they want to hear from petraeus because the attack on the consulate happened on his watch and also because petraeus went to benghazi shortly after the attack. this mornings hearings are not made open to the public. 4:35. a palestinian rocket has targeted tel aviv but landed in the ocean in the latest round of violence. israeli forces confirm striking more than 100 forces overnight. there had been hope for a cease fire but that did not happen. now israel is mobilizing troops and reservists. the violence began three days ago when they launched an offensive who killed a top hamas military leader. more protests are planned in san francisco outside the israeli consulate. yesterday propalestinian demonstrators called for an end in the fighting of georgia s
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and u.s. support -- gaza and u.s. support of israel. >> it's the same thing all over again. people still are not seeing how necessary it is for israel to protect itself. >> i don't think this is a story that has two even sides. this is a story about survival. and about the survival of the palestinian people. that's why i'm here. >> san francisco police set up extra barricades and had almost 20 officers on the scene just in case. the protest lasted for just about 90 minutes and no arrest were made. the thanksgiving holiday travel season kicks off at san francisco international airport today. today is expected to be the busiest day. more than 140 people arrived -- are expected to arye and depart -- arrive and depart the airport as they make their way to thanksgiving destinations. that is a 3% increase from last year. some travelers will have an easier time getting through the long security lines at sfo. the airport has a new program
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in place called tsa precheck. it allows passengers to go through security without having to take their shoes or jackets off or take liquids and laptops out of their bag. they can join the program for free. other travelers can join but for about $100. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. hey sal. >> good morning, pam. happy friday to you. traffic is doing pretty well. we are going to have some wet weather for the commute and that may effect your driving. let's take a look at what we have so far it's dry on the east shore as you head out to the mccarthur maze. it's nice looking drive and we've been checking with chp. we don't see a lot going on right now. that will change if the wet weather does get here. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. this traffic is light getting into san francisco. and if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to
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highway 17. it's 4:38 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. our system is getting very close. rain is just off the coast and a couple light showers sprinkles in advance of it. setting the stage for what looks to be a cloudy rainy day off and on. we have the first system right there. and then the low has to swing in. this whole mess is heading right over us and we'll set up shop and you'll see right off the shore. and probably continue off and on throughout the day. this is not downpour or anything. stronger system will come in late saturday into sunday. clouds yesterday increased and some sun until early afternoon. but then it was filtered sun. first system moves in. rain begins today. and then late saturday night into sunday maybe sunday morning. one forecast model doesn't bring it in until early early sunday. cloudy rain. rain begins off and on. cooler because of the cloud cover.
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a little bit of a south wind will make for a few mild conditions. low to mid 60s everybody. rain begins today. we'll get a little bit of a break i think saturday but then here comes that next system late saturday into sunday morning and cooler, breezy sunday afternoon. monday looks good. tuesday does look like rain. pam. >> thank you. 4:39 is the time right now. in the wake of recent public outcry the new strategy by oakland police to handle officer involved shooting. good morning, highway 4 traffic coming up to the willow pass grade looks good as in advance of the storm. we'll tell you more about what driving might be like a little later on.
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good morning cloudy skies. it will move on shore and it will be off and on rain today.
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heavy rain will come in this evening. president obama meets with congressional leaders at the white house this morning to push for consensus on ways to avoid the upcoming fiscal cliff. the vice president will also attend. president obama wants any deficit reduction plan to include tax increases on the wealthy. republicans say that they will not accept higher tax rates. federal express and ups say they are targets of a federal criminal investigation. the two shipping companies say the probe is related to their dealing with online pharmacies. those websites are at the center of an international crack down on prescription drug because abuse. that has led to dozens of arrests including seven in san francisco this year. in overnight news a man is in critical condition after a run in with san francisco police. officers say they tried to stop him on foot near 37th avenue and fulton street at 11:25 last night. the man ran. they did catch up with him but
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he resisted arrest. paramedics had to give him cpr. now he's at the hospital with life threatening injuries. police have not said why they confronted the man in the first place. but we will be asking police this morning. we'll bring you any updates as soon as it's available. in a special ktvu report oakland police will dispatch two chaplains to officer involved shootings. these ministers will consul the family's who's love ones were shot by police. this new policy in response to public outcry such as the shooting death of allen. his family and investigators are at odds whether he first pointed a gun at an officer. the chaplain's will guide the families through the investigation process. reassuring them every step of the way. time is 4:45. antioch woman is begging the burglars who ransacked her home to return irreplaceable item.
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her baby esquire mated remains. thieves stole her television, jewelry, christmas presents for her kids, and a silver urn holding the ashes of her son gabriel. >> no questions asked. just return my baby's remains. please. just return them. >> the single mother told ktvu the burglar happened wednesday night as she and her children attended grief counseling for the baby's death. the family has been trying to bounce back from that tragedy. the search continues for an armed intruder who terrorized two -- police say the men broke in and had a knife. it's been almost 24 years since michaela went miss examining while her family is one step closer to some closure, questions still
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remain. the san joaquin sheriffs office is waiting on test results from a bone that was discovered in linda well. monday will mark the anniversary of her kidnapping happen her mother plans to hold a gathering at the market. the president ofkey koa state university has announced he is banning all fraternities and sororities for the semester. the college says he had been pledging to join a fraternity and his death could be related to hazing. the college will establish a new set of guidelines. >> i think it's actually a little extreme. there is probably better ways to deal with it. you can understand at the same time this really serious problem. >> students will be allowed to live in their houses for the rest of the semester but all
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greek activities have been suspended until further notice. the university flag will be lowered today in honor of mason. san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is expected to return to work today. the 48-year-old went to stanford hospital for what the team called a minor procedure for an irregular heartbeat. the team insists t not a major concern but harbaugh began experiencing chest pains on wednesday. 49er players are confident he's okay and will lead the team against the chicago bears on monday night. giants super star buster posey capped his championship season by winning the honor national league most valuable player. he smacked 24 home runs and led the league in batting average. >> it's just the resiliency and perseverance of each guy on this team. and just a blast. great memories.
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>> in three seasons of the giants they have won two series titles. a league mvp, come back player of the year, and rookie of the year. 4:48 is the time. quite a comeback after his serious injury last leer year. >> let's see he is 25 years old. two world series rings. now mvp. he's only 25. >> what's next? >> somebody said he could win dancing with the stars. >> there you go. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving around the bay area. but steve and i have been telling you that it is going to be wet weather for commute. and unfortunately when it starts to rain, we don't have good commutes. we're looking at 80 westbound it looks pretty good. i'm looking at the chp list we don't have a lot. once it starts raining that will change quite dramatically. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza it's still light getting into san
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francisco. you're seeing the stride now. and this morning if you are driving from livermore to castro valley there is a nice drive on spore state 580. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. our system finally moving. it's been sitting out here for the longest time. more of what we expect this time of year. this is a warmer system. so it comes in. the rain is just offshore. just offshore. it's on its way here. justining to move right >> -- just beginning to move. we set the stage for this ban to come through. then the low has to come in. that will go right over us. we are juicing up the atmosphere. we will start the rain and it will be off and on rain. kind of a gray day today. if you're under the weather no pun intended you picked a good day to stay home and hunker down. it will be cloudy today and you won't feel guilty. the clouds increased yesterday. and now the rain moving in today. we'll have another system coming in that will be late saturday into early sunday. this is a broad brush.
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today i feel pretty confident. saturday we may get a little break and half of sunday looks okay. the colder system arrives late saturday into early sunday. it will if cooler today. not that bad. this is a warm system. actually been a little bit of thunderstorm activity offshore with that system as well. we'll keep an eye on that. but i don't think so. the days are very, very short. 60s on the temps today. cloudy rainy. and maybe late tonight early sunday a break saturday late saturday and early sunday the next system comes in. that will be out of here. sunday afternoon will be here. cool and breezy. one more system late tuesday and wednesday. just a week away from black friday the new threat from walmart workers that could paralyze shopping on the busiest day of the year. and a little taste of paris here in the bay area. the two local museums where you will be able to see art pieces from the louvre museum.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:53. the salvation army is in desperate need of turkeys. every night volunteers prepare and deliver 5,000 warm meals to needy people who are unable to leave their homes. but the organization says this year their freezers are empty. salvation army will be hosting
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a frozen turkey drive today. donations can be dropped off at 8:50 harrison's street. walmart workers hope to paralyze sales during the kickoff of the holiday shopping season next week. they are planning a series of strikes at stores around the country with the help of the union representing other retail employees. now the union says there will be 1,000 events including worker walkouts, flash mobs, and educating shoppers about working conditions. walmart has referred to the strikes as quote publicity stunts. it's a bittersweet day for twilight fans as the last installment of the movie premiers. fans camped out in front of movie theaters for the first showing of the film at midnight. breaking dawn part two is the fifth and final movie in the vampire series. box office watchers expect the final twilight film to make $150 million this weekend alone in the u.s. and canada. time now 4:54.
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two san francisco museums have signed an agreement to exchange works of art with the louvre in paris. it will run through 2017. but the first exhibition of items opens tomorrow at the legion of honor. it feature what is the museum calls loyal treasures of the french monarchy. that is my favorite museum. ly have to pop over there. >> the louvre? >> well the louvre i don't get to pop over there. but the legion of honor. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have. we do have some wet weather on the way. according to steve. that will make your commute tough throughout the day. not only in the morning. so we will be on stand by for that. right now it's dry on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. across the bay on interstate 880 between oakland and fremont you should have a pretty nice drive throughout the bay. and if you're driving in the livermore valley we're off to a decent start on 580 coming over to castro valley. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning.
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our system is beginning to move in right there. there is two parts of it. that is just off the san mateo and santa cruz coast. then the low will swing in. everything is beginning to take shape. coming in exactly as advertised. the models were spot on. you can see what was happening. juices up the atmosphere will get steady rain, light rain. this doesn't look like a downpour. there is heavier bans offshore. they will come in between 7:00 and 9:00. but cloudy with rain. off and on rain today. once the low comes in we may get heavier bans that won't be until later this afternoon. then we will see another system in. cloudy skies. rain begins this morning and takes us into tonight. we'll get a little bit of a break saturday and the next colder system is saturday night into sunday morning and we see a clearing take place. sunday may not be bad. nice on monday. cloud it up on tuesday pam. >> thank you.
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time now coming up on our 5:00 hour tonight is the grand opening of the downtown ice rink in san jose. that rink is located in the circle of palms. the opening ceremony starts at 5:00 tonight with olympic gold medalist christie yam guy key. we do have that breaking news out of vallejo we first brought you at 4:30. horrible story. police arresting a 14-year-old boy in a shocking crime. also the announcement came a short time ago as well. the maker of twinkies and dingdongs makes a drastic move.
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we are following developing news for you in vallejo. overnight a 14-year-old boy was taken into custody for what is being described as a horrific crime. you may not be able to buy twinkies or any other hostess products in stores for much longer. i'll explain why that story coming up. it took awhile to get here but it's here. how long will it last and what about the weekend? an alert police officer happened to dine at the same restaurant as

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